Love this quote

All the waters of the world can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside.

-My fortune cookie

So deep for a fortune cookie. I got it from a fortune cookie. While I was eating a fortune cookie. Normally deep quotes don’t come from a fortune cookie. I love fortune cookies.


Landlord Inspects Grossest Hoarder House Ever

The title says it all. OMG I was about to puke. 

My akward friend/stalker/ummmmm
Me: Good Morning. For you anyway. Your about to irritate me aren't you.
Person I Was Texting: Yupp. And ditto. Wuz up?
Me: Nuthin much.
Person I Was Texting: Ditto again. How'd you sleep? Akward question.
Me: ummmm fine......stalker. yes. very akward question.
How I should have responded:
CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!!!!!!!! <3 Epic pictures taken with a cruddy phone. Heck ya!

CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!!!!!!!! <3 Epic pictures taken with a cruddy phone. Heck ya!

Pure Confusion…. I mean really? I just don’t understand.

Okay. I do acually understand what the concept is….

But really. What is the true point in learning the “Properties of Water” I mean water is water. We only have like 1% of Earth’s water availible to us, but I really don’t care how it works.

And again. REALLY? I don’t need to learn more stupid Algebra. My mom doesn’t understand half of what I’m talking about anymore and she’s gotten along perfectly fine. And shes like a doctor…… THAT SAYS SOMETHING!

I now understand why nobody went on to further education past elementary school way back when the current dinosaurs roamed as children?


I’ll tell you when my memory likes me again.. wait….not again just in general.



Idiots like me are the only ones who…..

Almost sprain their ankles getting the mail.

Forget what 6x7 is in Algebra.

Wear Uggs, Long sleeves and jeans when they know they have gym.

Wait until the last second to write a full blown essay.

Chase someone around a classroom when they steal their pencilcase.

Admit to being a total blonde…even though they have brown hair.